Digital Marketing: Digital advertising through a freelancer

You will surely have heard the term Digital Marketing more than ever lately. We are in an age where every business, large or small, needs digital media. The possibilities of digital marketing give a solution to the companies and keep the bridge of communication of the company with its customers unshakable.
The key question is: “What is the price of Digital Marketing for a small business?” As reasonable as this question is, it is unfortunately somewhat difficult to answer in absolute numbers. Prices depend on various factors related to the communication needs of your business, but also on the budget you have set for the implementation of ads. But let’s see in detail what all this means and how you can set a reasonable cost for each action.

Digital Media Management vs. Campaign Implementation

Before discussing the budget for advertising, let’s separate the concepts of digital media management and the implementation of a Digital campaign. The management of corporate pages on social media is an ongoing collaboration, which includes responses to customer requests via message, responses to comments and reviews, daily posting, stories and updating content on the pages in general. A good freelancer knows the tools for managing social media and can undertake the planning and execution of all these actions, saving you significant time. On the other hand, a Digital Marketer will do the competition research, implement advertising on Google, advertising on Facebook and other media, set goals for the campaigns and inform you about the results of each of them. Of course there are freelancers who combine both roles, providing integrated communication services for your business.

What does a digital campaign need to be implemented?

Any comprehensive effort to make your business more recognisable or to increase your sales should be organised according to plan. So, every digital promotion must follow 5 steps to be successful.

  1. Establish a specific strategy
  2. Create ad content
  3. Implement the campaign in the appropriate media
  4. Evaluate the progress of the campaign
  5. Optimisation

Establish a specific strategy

In the first step you need to decide what the purpose of the ad is. Do you want your audience to know you? Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to promote a new product? Unfortunately, not all of this can be done in one go. In order for Digital Marketing to be effective, the goal must be specific, so that the algorithm that will work for you has clear data. You also need to define which portion of your potential customers you are targeting. To men, women, parents? To residents of a country or the world? You can even choose residents of a specific city or neighbourhood! This will depend on the type of business you have and the strategy you follow. Finally, you will determine how much money you have for your purpose. The budget is shaped by the demands you have on energy, what do you think you will gain after the promotion is completed.

Create ad content

In the previous step you decided why you are doing the ad and to whom you will show it. Now you need to think about what you will show these people in order for your strategy to succeed. Content can be a photo, a video, a set of photos, a text, an infographic or a combination of all of them. Usually for the design of your campaign you will need to work with a graphic designer, maybe a copywriter, who will form a “catchy” advertising text. However, for a simple creative, a Social Media Manager can probably create the content as well as implement the advertisement, as we will see below.

Implement the campaign in the appropriate media

Once you have the content ready, all that remains is for your ad to be implemented. Here you will choose the right social media to promote your business and the search engines you are interested in. If you are not sure you can consult the freelancer you work with. A common ad choice is Google and Facebook ads. However, depending on the needs of the business, for example, campaigns may need to be implemented on LinkedIn. Ask the partner who will run the ad to explain to you all the possibilities that each medium offers. This way, you will have a better picture of the prospects and the expected result.

Evaluate the progress of the campaign

After your campaign runs and the first data is collected, your partner will evaluate its progress so far. It will check if your users and potential customers interact with the ad, use the call-to-action buttons and how much you pay for each such action (the known cost per click). Do not forget that in the world of Digital Marketing, promotion and advertising is a constant claim and auction. What you have to do is constantly try to attract the attention of those people who will bring you the maximum profit in the future.


In the final stage, once it is decided that one or some of these data (or metrics) do not give good results, optimisation will take place. Often an advertising action may not give good results to certain portions of the audience. For example, some ages may not respond as well or may not be interested in your product. Or he may find that in some areas advertising goes extremely well and brings sales, while elsewhere it does not do so well. Your partner will be able to optimise the course of the campaign, based on the data he has collected. It will “cut” or increase the budget in groups of audiences, if this is more profitable for you. That is, it will shape the existing promotion appropriately, in order to maximize profit.

How many experts do you need for an online ad?

After all, how many people do you need to work to make a successful internet promotion? The answer depends on the complexity of the ad, the digital media you choose and the roles your partner meets. There are various patterns of collaboration. One option is a graphic designer who will be involved in content creation and a second for day-to-day management and advertising. Another option is for a partner to deal only with social media, from creating content to implementing a campaign and optimising it. And a second one will deal exclusively with Google ads. But in general, a model with two partners is a good choice, at least for the beginning.

What about the Budget?

Although this is a question that does not have a correct answer, an approach is possible. If this is your first ad, it’s a good idea to start with a small amount to see what data you collect. You can invest around € 50 for social media and from € 100 for Google ads. Of course, advertising amounts have no ceiling. Beyond that, take into account the fees that will be agreed with the partners you have chosen. In any case, do not forget that their internet world is dynamic and constantly changing. Factors that affect the money you will spend on each online promotion are seasonality, competition, type of product, the economic background of the country, the familiarity of your audience with technology, etc. At Reworqs we can help you choose financial freelance partners and try your hand at digital advertising. Request a quote for your next campaign now and increase the chances of promoting your business!