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Find The Perfect Candidate

From creating a logo for your business to building an attractive website to promote your business, Reworqs is here to offer you exactly what you are looking for. For all the time-consuming technical issues that are difficult for you, the freelancers of our team have the know-how and experience to offer you a solution immediately and economically. Whatever you need to ensure maximum performance for your project, discover today on our platform easily and quickly. Learn more below and also read Why to choose us?

With a simple search, discover the servuce that fits your needs. Create your account for free and discover ready-made offers from freelancers who specialize in the digital services you are looking for. Compare prices and delivery times and choose the offer that suits your budget and needs. If you still have not managed to decide, there is no problem! You can add the offers that interest you to your ‘Favorites’ to compare them and choose later with your peace of mind. You can also check the ratings you will find in each offer, if any, to have a complete opinion of each service you are interested in. Of course, if you still have questions or need clarification on an offer, send a message to the freelancer you are interested in, in the ‘Contact’ field.

Didn’t find what you need? Do not worry we have thought of that too! You can easily and quickly create your own request with all the necessary information to receive offers from freelancers who specialize in your subject. Once you find the offer you are interested in, complete your purchase via card or PayPal and leave the rest to us. Immediately, you will be automatically transferred to the page of the completed order where you will be able to check the time left until the final delivery as well as some basic information that your freelancer will need to complete your project. For every purchase you make through our platform, your payment remains secure as you are always protected by the Reworqs Payment System & Money Back Guarantee. Yes, you got it right! For your maximum security, your payment is not released to your freelancer until you have checked and confirmed your complete satisfaction with the work you have received.

Our modern platform gives you the opportunity to chat directly with your freelancer so that you can be constantly informed about the progress of your order. Through your chat you can send all the necessary files and documents to complete your project and at the same time inform your freelancer with any clarification needed. For security reasons, the exchange of personal information such as email and telephone is expressly prohibited so that you can remain protected by the Reworqs Payment System & Money Back Guarantee. Do not forget that your work will be delivered strictly within its predetermined deadline. Alternatively, you can choose to cancel your partnership with a refund.

The security and quality of the online services we provide is the main priority of our team. Having your complete satisfaction as the sole guide, your payment is released to the freelancer only after you update the transaction as completed after the complete delivery of your order. If you receive an order that does not meet your needs – Request a free modification through the platform and your freelancer will immediately start the necessary corrections until you are completely satisfied with the final result. To help the Reworqs community by informing our other customers, you can finally leave a review for your experience on each order.

I am a Freelancer

Find Suitable Jobs, Develop Your Skills

At Reworqs you have the opportunity to turn your knowledge, talent and hobby into a permanent source of income. We are here to provide you with security, protection and timely payments so that you can continue to do what you love most without having to worry about other processes such as finding customers and pricing your services. If you have the know-how and experience to join our team of freelancers, do not wait any longer! Create your account for free and earn money by effectively utilizing your knowledge. We are here to help you work for yourself from wherever you are! That’s who we are!

Start with your registration by entering all your essentials and an impressive resume with your skills and experience. Then, upload your offer always according to your object and give a complete description of the service you offer. Add pictures and special instructions to your customers to ensure the best possible result. If you wish you can include additional services in each order (eg fast delivery) at an additional cost. Do you have a lot of talent? Then do not stop. Create as many offers as you want to cover the full range of your abilities. However, remember to be completely accurate about the services you can offer so that your customers know exactly what they will receive after completing their purchase. In addition, make sure you frequently check the requests submitted on our platform to give individual offers to customers directly. For every offer you place on an order that interests you, the customer is automatically informed and can buy your offer directly or start an online conversation with you. Also, you can search for ongoing projects and place your Bid to get your chance to work.

Did you win your first order? Now what? You will automatically receive an email notification and the specific order will appear on your Dashboard. You can now start working on it! Remember to answer all your customers’ questions immediately. After all, effective and timely communication is a prerequisite for any successful collaboration. Through the chat, you can ask for useful clarifications but also to inform your customer about the progress of his order.

Before proceeding with the delivery of the completed project to your customer, make sure that it fully meets its requirements as each customer on our platform has the ability to request changes to his order if he is not satisfied with the result. In addition, make sure you deliver all your orders according to the deadline you have set to avoid possible cancellations. After your client approves the project he received, you can withdraw money from the ‘Payments’ tab. Your payment will be released directly to your PayPal or Bank Account within Seven (7) working days. In order to be able to ‘Withdraw Money’ it is necessary to have a minimum available balance in your account of €100.


The more orders you successfully complete and within the deadline on our platform, the faster you raise your experience! In addition, you get valuable reviews from your satisfied customers to attract more views in the future with your attractive profile. Also, to help you quickly level up on our platform we give you the opportunity to ‘Promote’ some offer of yours that will appear high in the searches and in the HOT Offers on the home page of Reworqs with an extra charge