Social Media Marketing: Why it’s important for a business

Advertising is a necessary factor in the success of a business. In recent years, however, Digital Marketing has largely replaced the traditional way of promoting products. One of the most popular types of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing. The reasons why many business owners prefer this type of marketing are explained in detail below to help you adapt or enhance the promotional moves of your business.

Social Media Marketing is aimed primarily at the consumer who is familiar with technology and especially with social media. Through them, each company promotes its products or services and maintains an effective relationship with existing customers while trying to attract new ones. The most popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

What are the advantages of Social Media Marketing

The first major reason a business will choose to promote its products on social media is the reduced cost as other forms of advertising usually cost much more. Next, a business needs to know its audience in order to create the right advertising campaign. With Social Media, you can easily learn enough about your audience, such as age, gender and language, to better target your next ad.

In addition, in modern times it is known that customers spend most of their time on social media. Each advertiser in them, comes in daily contact with his future customers through which a mutual relationship of customer and entrepreneur can be gradually developed. This way, your business ad can be in front of your next customer’s screen just as the search takes place.

Also, the owner of a business watching Social Media finds a lot of information about his competitors. In this way, he gains a lead and if he wants he can improve or completely change his own advertising campaign by comparing and adopting the movements of his competitors. Another important advantage of social media is the feedback from the followers of a business. It provides important information about the needs of each customer as you can immediately control their response to a new product you are advertising.

In addition, with social media, a business quickly and easily shares the exact message it wants to convey to its customers. Also, its reputation is growing with social media as very often satisfied customers write positive reviews about the purchase they have made and recommend the products to other friends. Thus, indirectly, the customers themselves become your advertisers.

Also, your frequent presence on social media helps to increase the feeling of consumer confidence in your business. New customers are often reluctant to buy something from a company they do not know well enough. However, if they often see you active on Facebook or Instagram and can contact you directly to buy a product, it is much easier to gain their trust.

Social media also offers the possibility of ‘social listening’. If you follow and control #hashtags and topics related to your business, you can easily find users who are actively involved in them. In addition, your acquaintance and cooperation with influencers offers more opportunities for the promotion of your business.

Do not forget, however, that marketing on social media, constantly offers you important statistics that help you understand the results of any active campaign. Suppose you want to promote and sell a new product. To do this, you will create some relevant posts on Facebook and determine the time of your campaign. After the expiration of the time period you have set, you have the opportunity to see which posts were most popular with the public and which were not. So, next time, you will create similar posts to the successful ones of the previous campaign to be absolutely sure that the money you have paid was worth it.

How to start promoting your business through Social Media

Did you find the advantages enough? Do you want to start Social Media Marketing right away to help your business? Great! I start with careful steps. First, decide which social media to use. There may be a lot of social media, but if you are a beginner it is best to focus on two or three at the beginning. Choosing more social media will be very difficult for you and you will probably stop working long before you see the positive results of Social Media Marketing.

Next, think about what you want to achieve with this advertising medium. Before you start posting on social media, create a marketing strategy with specific goals. This will help you control how effective your online campaign is and tailor it to your results. Posts can be made several times a day but without exaggeration. According to some studies the ideal frequency of posts is:

  • for the business page on Facebook: 1-2 times a day and less than 7 times a week
  • for the personal Facebook page: unlimited
  • for Pinterest: several times a day
  • for Twitter: the more often you tweet, the more traffic you get

Remember to create different posts for each social media. The rules are not the same for every social media. In other words, the same post will not have the same impact on all media. For this reason, you should know that:

  • on Twitter, short and witty posts are successful
  • on Facebook, you need to create a post that will motivate others to share it. You also need to make the consumer feel
  • on Instagram, you need to add an impressive photo as this is looking for the audience of this particular social media.

Finally, take advantage of the two-way relationship with your customers. Ask them to share photos with your business products and leave positive reviews when they are satisfied with your product. In addition, you can ask your employees to select a list of favorite products and post it on their personal account. It is also extremely useful to periodically publish topics that are of general interest to consumers even if they are not directly related to your business such as book or movie listings.

In summary, the benefits of Social Media Marketing are particularly significant. If you follow social media marketing, you will soon see spectacular results in promoting your business.

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