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Do you want to work for yourself from wherever you are?

At Reworqs you have the opportunity to turn your knowledge, talent or even your hobby into a permanent source of income. We are here to provide you with security, protection and timely payments so that you can continue to do what you love most without incurring exorbitant charges and commissions. If you have the know-how and experience to join our team of freelancers, do not wait any longer…
Register now for free on our platform, create your offers and earn money by effectively utilising your knowledge.

How does it work:

At Reworqs we give you the opportunity to come in direct contact with a variety of customers and offer your services from wherever you are and whenever you want.

  • Start with your registration by entering all the necessary information and an impressive resume with your skills and experience in Digital Services and more.
  • For your successful payment from our team it is necessary to have a PayPal, Payoneer or Bank account and enter it in the relevant field in your Profile Dashboard.
  • Then upload a new offer for the service you offer giving a detailed description and it will soon be displayed to thousands of potential prospective customers who can purchase it right away.
  • In each offer you can add pictures from samples of your work but also special instructions to your customers who will receive as soon as they buy your offer.

    If you still have a lot of talent, create more than one offer to cover the full range of your skills. However, remember to be completely accurate about the services you can offer and the exact delivery time so that your customers know exactly what they will receive after payment.

In addition, to make it easier for you, we have given our customers the option to request a custom service when they do not find what they are looking for in our platform. So do not forget to systematically check the requests submitted on our platform so that you can give your offer only to customer requests that meet your criteria. For your convenience, for every new request that comes up in your object you will receive a notification via email. For every offer you place on an order you are interested in, the customer is automatically informed and can buy your offer directly or start an online chat with you. For your safety, the project fee is paid in advance in the platform so that you are covered that your payment will be made after the delivery of the order. After the purchase of your offer by the customer is completed, you will automatically receive a notification via email and your order will appear on your Dashboard.

And finally do not forget… It is necessary to withdraw your offer in case you are no longer available to complete it, as customers can accept and buy an open offer at any time they want.

Progress and Communication:

For effective cooperation with your customers, try to maintain an effective and timely communication. Through the built-in chat, you can send all the necessary details and documents and at the same time ask for useful clarifications and inform your customer about the progress of his order.

Before proceeding with the delivery of the completed project to your customer, make sure that it fully meets its requirements as each customer on our platform has the ability to request modification of the order if he is not satisfied with the final result. In addition, make sure you deliver all your orders according to the deadline you have set to avoid possible cancellations. Finally, after your customer approves the work received and accepted the delivery of his order, your payment will be automatically released.

And for your safety do not forget… the customer has already prepaid for his order in Reworqs before you even start working!

Charges / Commissions:

Now you can work as a freelancer without worrying about the process of issuing documents and other contributions as we now take care of everything for each of your transactions with a customer through our platform.

For every new order you get on our platform, Reworqs will automatically issue and send the legal receipt to your customer. The withholding of our company corresponds to 5% of the total value of each transaction. However, remember: the higher the quality of your profile, the more your privileges, so at the same time you earn more income.

Were you looking for it? We did it for you clearly without hidden charges, without fine print and without unnecessary delays!

The 5% commission deduction will be made automatically from the final value of the order upon payment to the freelancer.

Secure Payments:

After you complete an order, the countdown for your payment from Reworqs begins. For security reasons we give all our customers a margin to check the work of the freelancer and request any modifications.

All freelancers’ payments are made via PayPal, Payoneer or Bank Transfer, the safest and most widespread way of online payment worldwide. For your successful payment from our team it is necessary to have at least one of those payment gateways and enter it in the relevant field in your Dashboard.

When you reach a minimum of 50 €/$ on your Balance you can request a withdraw.

Freelancers’ payments are made within seven (7) working days after the withdraw request. Your payment will be made to your PayPal, Payoneer or Bank account and the money will be available in your personal account where you can manage it directly.

We will never ask you for additional personal information such as your account password or your Debit / Credit Card details. In case you are asked for further personal information by Reworqs, please contact us immediately.

Comments and Rating:

The more orders you successfully complete and within the deadline on our platform, the faster you grow up your reputation and ensure unique privileges that will help you earn more income! In addition, every time you place an order, you will receive feedback with a rating of 1 to 5 stars for your work. Thus, you will create a strong profile and enable more customers to trust the quality of your online services and decide to hire you.

Before you register as a freelancer, it is necessary to take time to read the “Terms and Conditions“. Reworqs’s policy is very strict for the quality of the online services offered by all our partners as well as the observance of the deadlines and in case of violation they are severely punished.